Are you confused about how despite your continued efforts, the scale refuses to budge? Maybe you saw changes at first, but now your weight has stopped moving. It can be frustrating to pursue health and not see the outcomes you were hoping for. However, I have good news: This means your body is working!

Bodies like to maintain something called homeostasis. Although we may want change, our bodies sometimes resist efforts to protect our health. That’s why you may be “doing all the right things” and not see visible change. Or, the visible change you were seeing has come to a halt.  

Here are a few reasons why the scale may not be budging

  • Undereating: Eating too few calories can cause your metabolism to decrease and your body to take measures to protect its weight even harder!
  • Fluid retention: Alcohol, stress, monthly cycles, medications, and poor nutrient intake can all cause your body to hold onto water and increase the number on the scale. 
  • Hormones: These play a major role in regulating weight. It’s why we get a little bigger as we get older, and that’s OK!
  • Muscle-building: Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat; 1 pound of muscle is equal to 1 pound of fat. (See what I did there?) Muscle is more dense than fat and may contribute to a steady weight, or even an increase! 
  • Genetics: our body’s blueprint for everything from your hair color, foot size, and the amount of space your body takes up in the world, tall and wide. 

What does it mean if your weight doesn’t change?

You may be increasing your physical activity or eating more fruits and vegetables. You could be increasing your sleep and working on stress management. All of the habits and behavior changes still count. In fact, studies show just one improved health behavior significantly reduces your risk of chronic conditions, independent of any weight change. That’s why here at Pack Health, we help you achieve your health goals through Tiny Steps. Tiny Steps are small goals that lead to behavior change that you can sustain!

How can you change your focus? 

Ask yourself the following questions to continue on your health journey, even when your weight stays the same:

  • How can I show compassion toward my body even if I am unhappy with my current weight?
  • What forms of physical activity do I enjoy doing that is realistic for my schedule?
  • What foods do I want that will make my body feel good? 

Take the focus off weight and find value in your behaviors. Show your body respect through self-care, eating vitamins and minerals, and partaking in enjoyable movement because all bodies deserve respect, no matter the size.

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