Hey Pack-fam! Welcome back to another thrilling episode of the Pack Health vlog. Today we’re covering blood pressure: That tricky little metric that you don’t want too low or too high!

This month, our staff has been in friendly competition with each other to set healthy habits. One of the things we did was get our blood pressure screened. We’ll be discussing people’s results and the steps they take (or WILL take) to balance out those numbers today on the vlog.

Did you know that salt can contribute to high blood pressure? That can be frustrating because if you’re anything like the average Joe, it seems like it’s in EVERYTHING you eat and you might not even know it! To help you out, click here to read up on how to shake your salt habit!

We’ve also got resources on how to check your own blood pressure at home AND some myths you may have heard about hypertension! Hopefully, this helps get you started! Feel free to contact your Health Advisor for more tips.


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