World Health Day is a designated day (April 7) devoted to celebrating and drawing attention to public health efforts. As an organization devoted to changing health behaviors and contributing to a healthier population, we wanted to round up three ways you can join us in honoring this special day, even this year when COVID-19 requires social distancing. In fact, now more than ever, we should come together to celebrate health.

01 Join a fitness group. 

Keep it virtual until we’re able to be in physical groups safely again. What a fun and special time to join forces with friends, family, or other groups to exercise and stay fit? Hit your step goals by doing some cleaning around the house, take an outdoor walk, or stream workout videos through your TV or computer. We have a list of some of our favorites here.

02 Celebrate healthy foods. 

Plan to prepare your favorite healthy meals and snacks for you and your family to enjoy on World Health Day. Whether that’s an egg frittata with fresh vegetables or a bowl of fresh-cut fruit, feed your body nourishing food and celebrate your health. Maybe you also love eating outdoors? Prep a delicious meal and sit outside to enjoy the fresh air.

03 Support a good cause. 

Typically we’d recommend volunteering at your local food bank or women and children’s shelter, but with the entire country on social lockdown, we’ll have to get more creative this time. People in our home base of Birmingham, Alabama, have started a fundraising campaign called Frontline Heroes where people are donating money to feed doctors and nurses who are working tirelessly to keep us healthy. Support small local businesses by picking up necessities from neighborhood markets, plant a neighborhood garden, or send letters to elderly folks on lockdown.