As we look for healthy food to eat, it can sometimes feel as if nutritious foods won’t fit in our budgets. But, did you know that by taking a little time to make a few ingredients at home, you can still make healthier choices and save money? Here are a few simple things to cook at home that will allow you to save you money, optimize your health, and have fun in the kitchen!

01 Granola

Making granola at home is a great alternative to store-bought cereals that may have added sugars or preservatives. You can also personalize your recipe and mix in your favorite ingredients such as nuts or dried fruit. Here is a simple recipe to try out!

02 Hummus

One of our favorite snacks is hummus and veggies, but sometimes a small tub can be almost $5. By investing in a few simple ingredients like garlic and tahini (a paste made of sesame seeds), you can save yourself money in the long run. Next, all you need next is a blender, some chickpeas, and a recipe!

03 Croutons

A great way to add dimension and crunch to your salad is to toss in a few croutons, but paying for a pre-made bag isn’t nearly as exciting. To make them yourself, chop up any stale bread or the ends of loaves you may not want to eat and combine with a little bit of olive oil and garlic salt. Then, all they need is a quick toast in the oven!

04 Stock

Buying Vegetable or Chicken stock can be expensive when recipes call for large quantities. By making these bases at home, you can save yourself money and avoid any unwanted additives that store-bought items may have. When cooking vegetables, save any vegetable peels or cut ends that you might have in a bag in the freezer (make sure you wash your vegetables first). When this fills up, boil all of your veggies with a few aromatics for an hour or two and you have stock that is practically free!


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