Does your Psoriasis or Psoriatic Arthritis have you asking yourself, why me? I think we all thought about that question at least once.  Let’s face it, nobody signed up for this.

When I was first diagnosed, I had no clue psoriasis was a chronic illness, an autoimmune disease that would wreak havoc on my well being inside and out. Add to that Psoriatic Arthritis, and I began to feel like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz.  Except my oil can will be in the form of an injection or low doses of chemo in pill form.

I don’t want to talk about oil cans or quick fixes, I’m here to tell you how you can actually be overcoming psoriasis. It’s all about adjusting your outlook and prioritizing your health.

A Shift in Mindset

Our disease has a way of corrupting our inner dialog.  We need to constantly remind ourselves that we are unique and our bodies can achieve if we believe. It’s been proven that our disease lowers the serotonin production in our brains.  In order to correct that we have to have a good support system. This is why I founded my support group, Overcoming Psoriasis, and why I became a member of Pack Health. Pack Health has a well thought out program that will help you gain the upper hand – but it’s not just about the content, it’s about the personal, one-on-one nature of their support.  You work at your own pace.  Your Health Advisor will focus on your motivation, and work with you to set achievable short and long-term goals.  Your Health Advisor will provide the personal accountability you need to reprogram your thoughts and stick with strategies that make you feel good again.

Like all relationships, you get what you put in.

Talking one-on-one with someone whose sole goal is to help you feel better is incredibly refreshing, and there’s so much they can do for you. You just need to be open about your questions and your goals. Challenge yourself to be your very best, and know that we all have setbacks – this is a judgment-free zone.  Be as realistic and as honest as possible, and always remember, success often follows many failures. Your Health Advisor gets it. No matter who you are, where you are, what you’ve been doing – you’ve got a team behind you. All you have to do is pick up the phone.

Do you have someone whose number one priority is to help you feel better?

If you’ve been diagnosed with Psoriasis, you’re eligible to become a member and get your own personal Health Advisor. Our average member with an autoimmune condition reduces flares by 45%, but it’s not just about the numbers. Your Health Advisor will help you with everything from exercise and nutrition to budgeting and logistics. They’ll be your coach, your confidant, your accountability partner, and your personal assistant for everything related to your health.

Sign up today to get your first 12 weeks of membership fully sponsored, no credit card information required.

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