Incorporating patient engagement strategies into patient centricity approaches for life sciences is becoming increasingly popular.

Life sciences companies and manufacturers have traditionally relied on a clinical approach focused on the patient and consumer’s health and well-being as it relates to their medication regimen. But with a shift to holistic patient engagement, digital patient engagements can allow companies to provide condition-specific support and resources to their patient community that will help with their needs inside and outside of their healthcare provider’s office, such as access barriers, medication adherence, and transportation.

When it’s time for life sciences companies to incorporate digital patient engagement into their overall patient strategies, which way is the best way to do it – purchasing the solution from a company with the right expertise or building it in-house? 

Pack Health is proud to announce our latest white paper, Which Way to Go for Effective Patient Engagement, a comprehensive guide for life sciences to discuss the benefits and challenges of purchasing versus building a digital patient engagement solution. With increased investment and attention on digital patient engagement, this educational resource serves as a great starting guide to figuring out what’s best for companies and their patient communities.

Here’s an excerpt:

For some life sciences companies, purchasing a digital patient engagement solution can help fulfill patient needs without exhausting so much time and so many resources. While building your own platform can afford companies the ability to mold their solution directly to patient and provider needs, purchasing a platform helps expand the scope of work your company can undertake.

Our white paper is now available for downloading and viewing here. 

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