Birmingham, AL, March 29, 2022Leading patient engagement platform Pack Health today announced new data demonstrating links between goal setting, medication adherence, and blood pressure improvement. Findings showed that Pack Health members who committed to an early incremental goal focusing on medication adherence were more likely to improve their blood pressure, improve their medication adherence, and achieve their health goals when compared to members who set an early incremental goal related to healthy eating or increased exercise. 

Members enrolled in Pack Health are partnered with a Health Advisor who provides them with consistent social support and guidance in accomplishing health goals over a 3-month period. Every week, a member sets a Tiny Step, which is defined as an incremental, attainable goal that builds up to the member’s overall health goal. 

The study examined a sample of members who set medication adherence (MA) as a Tiny Step in comparison to those of a sample of members who selected a Tiny Step centered on increased exercise or increased healthy eating (EE).

Results show that: 

  • MA Tiny Step members had a higher achievement rate than the EE Tiny Step members. 
  • Of members with in-range blood pressure levels, 7% more MA Tiny Step members maintained or improved their blood pressure compared to EE Tiny Step members.
  • Of members with elevated blood pressure, 16% more MA Tiny Step members decreased their blood pressure compared to EE Tiny Step members. 
  • After three months, 4% more MA Tiny Step members became more adherent to their medication regimen compared to EE Tiny Steps.

Notably, members who set goals related to both MA and EE goals saw similar improvements in their increase in their weekly exercise and healthy eating. 

“These research results validate what we observe in and hear from our members, that medication adherence goal setting is associated with improvements in health outcomes,” says Stephen Burton, MS, Director of Data and Outcomes at Pack Health. “We know how important the combination of medication, exercise, and healthy eating is to blood pressure improvements. This data is extremely useful in how we’re able to support and guide our members as they begin their journey with Pack Health.”

About Pack Health

Pack Health is an evidence-based patient engagement platform that changes health behaviors to close gaps in care and improve outcomes. Pack Health comprehensively addresses chronic conditions, comorbidities, social determinants, and barriers. The model is proven to drive results across industries, including life sciences, health systems, health plans, and research. For more information, visit 

Pack Health’s platform is not intended to practice medicine but is intended to aid users in achieving better, healthy lifestyles and well-being.