BENTONVILLE, Ark. – Today, Speak Retail Group (SRG) and Pack Health announced a new partnership program, providing nutrition support and food deliveries to individuals who are at risk of food insecurity. The program has already delivered more than 600,000 meals to vulnerable populations since May and is expanding nationwide.

With the Speak Health Care Coach powered by Pack Health program, the two companies bring together their own innovative expertise to address the issue of hunger. Pack Health provides digital health coaching and a personalized patient engagement platform. Speak Retail Group brings leading-edge consumer technology and supply-chain relationships to execute the initiative. Participating Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans provide the program as a benefit to their members.

Evidence demonstrates that food insecurity worsens chronic conditions, increases medical spending, and impacts quality of life. As health insurers recognize eating habits as a key determinant of health, they are looking to incorporate food plans as part of treatments.

Focusing on at-risk individuals, the Speak Health Care Coach powered by Pack Health program addresses the challenges patients face in managing chronic conditions. It also provides resources to improve health through nutrition, as well as a dedicated care coach. Members have access to resources such as grocery delivery services and meal and exercise plans.

“Food is foundational to good health,” said Rachel Dahlen, co-founder, Speak Retail Group. “Through this partnership, SRG is leveraging our retail partnerships and technology solutions with Pack Health’s human-to-human digital coaching platform to bring a comprehensive experience to members. We are thrilled that our partnership will combat food deserts and increase access to healthy food across the country.”

Food insecurity is a growing concern, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a catalyst for the partnership. According to a recent study by Feeding America, the pandemic is having a significant effect on people facing hunger nationwide.

“This is an exciting partnership,” said Jamie DeMaria, vice president, strategy, Pack Health. “Combining SRG’s fresh approach to solving health plan needs and our unparalleled platform focused on social determinants of health, we will motivate our members to improve health behaviors. Further, we are confident that this meal delivery program will be instrumental in mitigating food insecurity.”


About Speak Retail Group

Speak Retail Group helps health plans connect and engage with members through direct spend technology, incentive programs, and partnerships with major retailers.

About Pack Health

Pack Health is a digital health coaching platform that integrates evidence-based content, metrics, and devices to deliver highly personalized human-to-human support. The model increases access, improves experience, and drives better health outcomes for individuals with chronic conditions. This translates to ROI for clients including health systems, health plans, and employers.