How’d you hear about Pack Health and what made you want to sign up? 

I work at Regions and it’s a part of our wellness program with Vitality Health. This is actually my second year with Pack Health. I’ve been trying to lose weight. Last year, it was really working, but there was a lot going on in my life at the point, in my personal life, and with work, so I fell off the wagon a little bit and wanted to sign back up so here I am.

We’re so happy to have you! How has your experience been so far? How’s it been with Marshelle?

Marshelle has been great – she motivates me and always asks me about my running. I actually run marathons! I had neck surgery 4 years ago and was over 300 pounds. I started running that same year and ran my first 5K. I’ve been running ever since! She also makes sure I’ve got plenty of healthy recipes.

How has Pack Health helped you change your lifestyle and what keeps you motivated to change?

Pack Health has helped me to better understand the medication I’m taking. I take several medications and Marshelle helped me learn how each of the medicines is working in my body and why I need to be taking them. As I talk to my doctor, they’re shocked I know so much and they’re so excited that I’m working with my Pack Health Health Advisor.

Marshelle has also helped me work on the types of food I’m eating. She’ll send me lists of foods and recipes so I can make sure I’m getting the right amount of carbohydrates and fats and what types of foods might be good for me or bad for me in terms of my cholesterol levels.

Did you too set any specific Tiny Steps you’d like to share? 

One of my Tiny Steps was to drink less coffee. I was drinking 5-6 cups of coffee per day. Now, I’m down to 2 cups of coffee and 1 cup of green tea. I also worked on getting an hour more of sleep each day. I’ll eat dinner before 8 o’clock and go to bed between 9 and 9:30 pm. I’m also eating less sugar and I made the switch to stevia. I’ve stopped using salt and have started using Mrs. Dash seasonings as a salt substitute. I’ve also worked on drinking more water! I even got my wife doing some of this stuff with me!

What advice would you give to someone looking to sign up for one of our programs? 

I would say if you’re looking to make a life change, definitely do it. The motivation is truly a big help. The advice about your medication and what not is so helpful and I’ve never experienced that ever before. If you want to get healthy, sign up Pack Health. It’s not just a one-time thing. They’re always calling you and holding you accountable.

I lost 41 pounds, that was one thing I wanted to do, and I did it. I started running, going to the gym, cutting back on caffeine and sugar, and started eating more fruits and vegetables and it really worked! The program has been GREAT for me!

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