Meet Paul! Paul is one of Michael’s members and is in the Weight Management program. When we spoke with him, his goal was to lose 20 pounds and his Tiny Step was to exercise more! Check out Paul’s story below.

How did you hear about Pack Health and what made you want to sign up?

I originally got a letter from Blue Cross and found out about signing up through PEEHIP since I am a teacher. I knew I needed to lose weight, so it seemed like a good idea! I have lost weight before and ended up just gaining it back. This time around I wanted to make sure I was living healthily consistently. So, I signed up and was referred to Michael to begin the process!

What has been your favorite part thus far?

My favorite part has been the reminders to stay on task. Sometimes I work late, and it causes me to forget about working out. Michael does a great job of texting me and reminding me. I can get really busy since I teach and am also in grad school, so having him really helps! He keeps me focused on living healthy when I’m caught up in other things!

Tell us about your experience with Michael!

Michael is great. I live out in the country and am out and about pretty often, so it can be hard to get me on the phone, but Michael does a good job of finding a way to communicate with me. He has been really helpful with how easy he is to contact. He will text me stuff while I’m at the gym and give me recommendations on workouts/food!

What has been your biggest obstacle throughout your journey?

It has been really difficult finding time to take care of myself. There have been so many distractions from my job/school, and it makes it hard to stay on track and take care of myself. It has also been tough trying to help students reach their goals in class while I’m striving for mine because I can’t do either without my health. So, sometimes I can feel a little overwhelmed with everything going on.

What have you improved on the most since joining?

I have improved a lot in two areas. Eating well is something I have had difficulty with before, but I am doing a lot better now. Eating is the most important aspect of your health. You can’t outrun your mouth. So, I started keeping a food diary and its been helping me reduce my calories. I also have been getting to the gym a lot more because I feel more motivated. I still need to work on lifting and cardio, but it’s constantly improving!

What is your exercise routine like?

I go to the gym as often as I can. I use a workout app to help plan my exercises for each trip which makes it a lot easier. I do chest workouts, and sometimes I will do some lifting with my dumbbell set at home when I take a break from the computer. I try to get as much cardio in as I can too, but I have problems with my knees so it can be a little challenging. I’m usually on the elliptical when I do cardio, though.

What has been your favorite tiny step that you’ve set?

I have loved tracking my calories. Keeping a record of everything I eat is important to me, and it helps me see my progress! Now sometimes, when I would usually stop and get fast food on my way home, I think about how maybe I should go home and make a turkey wrap instead. It has helped keep me check for sure! I really like the exercise goals too. It helps motivate me and push me to get in better shape.

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Paul smiles proudly with his pup!

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