Living well with multiple sclerosis requires attention to your physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive well-being. It’s also important to balance work and leisure time and to maintain a social support system. It may be overwhelming to try to focus on all of these things, but in many ways, they overlap.

For example, focusing on your physical health through diet, exercise, and behaviors can also improve your emotional and cognitive health. A great way to make sure you’re checking all the boxes when managing your MS symptoms, slowing the disease’s course, and reducing the risk of relapses, is to set goals. Start by thinking of one or two things you’d like to focus on in each of the four categories: physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive health. For example, if you need to lose weight, set a goal to increase your physical activity and reduce your sugar intake. If you struggle with stress and anxiety, set a goal to practice mindfulness.

Revisit the video on How to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal for some tips on goal-setting, and remember, reaching your goals is a process! We all struggle occasionally with staying on track with goals; the important thing is to get back on track, even if you’ve lost a step or two (or 100!). Read Fresh Goals for some encouragement if you’re having trouble getting back on your path to living well with MS!