Life After Cancer: We’re here to help!

You did it! You beat cancer, and now you’re living as a survivor. Our members have taught us that as exciting as remission is, this new phase in your life can feel difficult or even scary at times- especially if you’re still having pain and fatigue. Here at Pack Health, we want to ensure that you are able to carry out the guidelines set out by American Cancer Society for quality living.  By following these guidelines you’ll not only be a survivor but a victor.

Nutrition counseling and weight management:  

The American Cancer Society recommends that your physician direct you towards eating proper foods.  The problem with following doctor’s orders is that you might see your doctor for fifteen minutes once every six weeks at most.  Even if you know the types of foods to eat, it is sometimes difficult to implement a healthy routine.

Here at Pack Health, we’ll close the gap with a personal health advisor who will assist you in  breaking down your barriers to eating health. Eating healthier is key for weight management- another thing the American Cancer Society recommends to obtain optimal health.  Pack Health helps with weight management by encouraging physical activity and breaking down barriers to exercise.  Even if you are physically unable to get up and walk around, your personal health advisor can help customize an exercise routine for you! 

Navigation and health literacy: 

Many of our members had a nurse navigator or other hospital worker by their side during treatment, but when their last round of chemo or radiation ended, they felt lost and alone. From follow-up tests and check-ups, to lingering side effects of treatment, to the physical and emotional stresses of returning to normal, there’s a lot to navigate.  Again, Pack Health is here to help.Your personal health advisor will  show you ways to save money while getting the best healthcare possible.  They will help you handle every aspect of your health, from keeping track of doctors appointments, to communicating how you’re feeling to friends and family members, to keeping your energy levels up.

Empathetic ear:  

Sometimes the thing that will help you the most is just to have someone who will listen to you.  Our health advisors are trained to be patient, empathetic, and understanding to whatever it is you might need.  Our ultimate goal here at Pack Health is to see you complete the program healthier than you were when you enrolled.

After working with hundreds of members during cancer treatment, we’re excited to be expanding our membership base to include survivors. Click here to enroll.