So, you took a leap, dialed the number, and now your first call with someone called your “Health Advisor” is scheduled in just a few days. Some may wonder, “What exactly is a Health Advisor?” Others may have Googled a little bit about Pack Health but still might have a few questions. Well, read on my friends, this post is for you!

First thing’s first – what is a Health Advisor?

Pack Health employs over 30 Health Advisors, from a variety of educational backgrounds, who all bring a significant area of expertise to the table. These areas include Social Work, Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics, Exercise Science, and many more. But the number one thing you should know about your Health Advisor is that they were chosen specifically to meet your needs. You have been matched with a Health Advisor that is knowledgeable about your condition and has been thoroughly trained to help you find the answers to any health questions you may have. Your Health Advisor’s main focus is YOU. We will get to know each other over the phone, and begin to collaborate on the health goals and needs that are important to you. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a joint partnership, not a one-sided conversation. Many view their Health Advisor as their confidante and partner in navigating their health in a complex and sometimes overwhelming sea of medical information. We are here to lighten the load.

Second, take a deep breath and know you are in good hands.

We understand you might be shocked, concerned, or maybe even scared about some news you may have received about your health. We understand that simply making the call to Pack Health might be considered “out of the norm” for you. It is our oath – and our honor – to treat you with respect and compassion, as well as protect your personal health information. Pack Health is a HIPAA-secure company, which means your personal health information is protected through federal law. We take that very seriously and will never breach that confidentiality.

Each Pack Health program has been reviewed and approved by a team of medical professionals. Each program is built on evidence-based practice, outcomes, and research-proven methods.

So, what should you expect from the program?

The Pack Health program is built around 3 main points of communication between you and your designated Health Advisor:

  1. An emailed activity introducing the Topic of the Week.
  2. A phone call (usually around 15 minutes), on your schedule, where you can connect with your Health Advisor.
  3. Weekly Nudges (texts or emails), which is our way of checking in with you and keeping you accountable to the important things we talked about that week and the Tiny Steps you’ve set for yourself.

The first time you and your Health Advisor talk will be a “getting to know you” session. This call is important because it helps us personalize your program. We want to get to know you – what your health journey has been like and how we can help in the future. One important aspect to mention is the email activity we mentioned above. The Topic of the Week is introduced by a short video (no more than 3 minutes), followed by a questionnaire. We ask that you answer these questions in advance, as they are an important way for us to understand who you are. These questions will help us understand what’s important to you, and will also teach us what you already know! We never want to disrespect your time by talking about things you already know, nor take additional time to complete these questions during our scheduled time. Believe it or not, 15 minutes goes by quickly when you are making life-changing plans!

Finally, we encourage you to ask questions.

Ask as many questions as you can! As Health Advisors, we know how life can be – we are all busy and rushed – and need all the time we can get to take care of our families. But know that for this 15 minutes, once a week, we are here to take care of you and to teach you ways to take care of yourself. Devote that 15 minutes a week to yourself, to learn about your health and ways to improve it. Take advantage of the all of the extra services that your Health Advisor can do for you. Take us up on our offer to help you understand an insurance bill, or create a laminated medication chart, or create an action plan for factoring in a new fitness routine. We are here to make your life easier. Starting the journey to managing your health may have you feeling like there is nowhere to turn. We are here for you, and we care for you. You are in the driver’s seat on this journey, but you are never alone. And if you ever need someone to take the wheel, we are right there. 


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