Anna has been working with Health Advisor Mikey, in our type 2 diabetes prevention program, for three months now. We interviewed her to learn a bit more about her experience.

Can you tell us a bit about your experience with Pack Health?

Yeah! The motivation I get from Mikey makes the process so great. He is always sending me random texts motivating me and joking with me. Sometimes it’ll be about Tiny Steps and eating healthy, but occasionally we will just have a fun conversation about anything that is going on and I really appreciate that.

That’s awesome! How did you first find out about Pack Health?

I work with Blue Cross Blue Shield and I got a letter in the mail from them. It said that based on my medical records I was pre-diabetic, and was recommended the Pack Health program in hopes of helping me get on a healthier path. That’s when I decided to sign up! These types of programs can be a struggle, and it can be hard for people to understand how difficult it can be.

Mikey meets me where I am, though, and we discuss reasonable goals for me. We connected pretty early on, so it has been going well. He really feels more like a friend than anything else. For me, it’s been very positive.

Setting reasonable goals and building that relationship is essential. Can you share any specific “Tiny Step” goals you set with Mikey?

This is a good one actually. I am from Mobile, and I went home for Mardi Gras. I wanted to make sure I had a good time without feeling deprived while being healthy. I did have some Gumbo but walked an extra amount the next day. I also skipped out on the sugary daiquiris and things of that nature. It helped to plan for that –  I’ll allow myself this but not that. I ended up having fun and being healthy, so I was really proud of myself!

Anna enjoying Mardi Gras with a friend in Mobile


There are also the more typical weeks. I found it really helpful to increase my water intake. I’ve also worked on reducing my sodium. Every time my sodium levels are read, they are extremely high. Last month, though, I had a normal reading for the first time in a while! I have also been walking a lot more. There is a park close to where I work, so I’ve started walking at lunch.

That’s awesome. In other ways has Pack Health changed your daily routine at work?

What I’ve found is that I have a lot more energy at work now that I am living healthier. I am more mobile since I’m trying to get my steps in. I also have a better social life now because I am more energetic and wanting to talk to people. I don’t feel sluggish in the afternoon anymore either! Walking is the main thing that’s changed in my routine, but as I drink more water and eat healthier, I really am feeling better. My days at work have been substantially better because of my new lifestyle with Pack Health.

Anna at work – smiling bright and full of energy!


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