You wouldn’t continue to drive your car all the time without getting the oil changed, would you? In our bodies, water is that oil that keeps us moving smoothly without problems! Our bodies are constantly losing water when we sweat, digest, and even when we breathe. Without refueling, the organs we rely on to survive don’t function properly and we start to run into problems with our health.

The fact of the matter is that almost every part of our body uses water to function, so there’s a lot of body to hydrate! And it’s not just about avoiding dry skin. Let’s take a look at a few key ways water keeps our internal systems running smoothly every day.

Hydrating your joints and ligaments

You’ve probably had a dry mouth or eyes before, right? This also happens to our joints and ligaments when we do not get enough water. Water is the major factor in lubricating our joints and ligaments, even those found in our backs. Instead of feeling parched, we feel pain, and our joints and ligaments can actually lose their ability to properly absorb shock.

Hydrating your digestive system

Your digestive system is another major player in the water absorption game. When you’re properly hydrated, saliva breaks down food before it even enters the digestive tract. Dehydration can inhibit this process, and can also cause your stomach to become more acidic increasing your risk of heartburn and ulcers – ouch. Finally, in the intestines, water makes it possible to digest soluble fibers. Without the soluble fibers, it’s difficult to have a bowel movement.

Hydrating to flush out toxins

Kidneys remove the waste from your body by acting as a filter. The good stuff gets sent to the bloodstream and the bad stuff is pushed out in the form of urine. Without an ample supply of water, the kidneys cannot function properly and waste starts to build up. The leading cause of kidney stones, for example, is a lack of drinking enough water. Ouch! Not drinking enough water can also lead to complicated UTI’s, unbalanced electrolyte levels, and chronic kidney disease.

Long story short, staying hydrated lubricates your joints and ligaments, helps you digest food from start to finish, and helps you absorb the good and flush out the bad before it has a chance to fuel up.

Protect yourself and fuel up with the most important ingredient in our composition. 8 glasses of 8 ounces is the general rule, and it is easy to remember too! Think 8 times 8 if I want to hydrate.

Not sure you’re hitting that goal? Check out our 7 Strategies to Stay Hydrated for tips.


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