The holiday season is universally known as one of the most chaotic times of the year. With holiday parties to attend, presents to buy and meals to cook, there’s nearly enough time to get it all done, especially when you throw a chronic condition into the mix. But, we’re here to tell you, you’re not alone, and it’s entirely okay to move at your own pace. In fact, try openly discussing your health with your loved ones, that way everyone is on the same page and no expectations go unmet. Our team hears a lot from members regarding a lack of energy and keeping up with everyone else. So in response, we’ve put our heads together, with the help of Nutritionist and Health Advisor, Tamara, to answer a few of your leading questions:

How Do I Get Enough Rest with So Much to Do?

  • Rest should absolutely be a top priority. Whatever rest means to you, it’s important to allow yourself whatever your body needs. If it means sitting out a holiday party to take a hot bath and read or maybe instead of cooking a big meal for the family, you order in or ask for help, listen to your body!
  • Try to think of ways or strategies to organize your day. Sometimes having an idea of the things you need to accomplish can assist you in your goals of staying on track and taking the most advantage of your time during the day.
  • Prioritize the most important tasks at the top of your list and ensure that sleep is one of the line items.
  • Establish a time for sleep. Try sleeping in a cold, dark room and diffuse calming essential oils into the air. This helps prepare you both physically and mentally for a night of quality sleep.

How can I tactfully let others know I’m not able to keep up with the festivities they insist I join in on?

Communicating the extent of your condition with your loved ones is going to be extremely important, especially in preparation for the holidays. Here are a few pointers for when you start the conversation:

  • Try to keep the explanation simple, but explain the highs and lows of your condition and limitations that follow.
  • Do not be afraid to direct others to resources that explain more about your condition.
  • Be open about the things that you can do and the activities that seem to place extra stress on your body.
  • But also, don’t be afraid to move! Movement is great for the joints and the immune system, you can collaborate with the host of the festivities and create a game plan together.

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