Fueling your body before, during, and after a workout is essential! It is important to consume adequate carbohydrates pre-workout, so you have the energy to make it through your workout with ample energy. Protein and electrolytes are essential for your body’s recovery post-workout and water is a must before, during, and after. Here are a few helpful tips for your next sweat session.

Before the Workout

2 Hours Before:

  • Hydrate (drink plenty of water!)
  • Consume healthy carbohydrates (whole-grain cereals, whole-wheat toast, low-fat yogurt, whole grain pasta or rice, fruits, and vegetables – bananas are the perfect pre-workout snack)
  • Avoid saturated fats or heavy amounts of protein – this will make your digestion sluggish, which you do not want before working out

60 Minutes Before:

  • Don’t have time in your schedule to eat 2 hours prior? No problem. One hour before a workout is the perfect time to consume simple, easy-to-digest foods like fruits, which will spark your energy due to their carbohydrate content.


  • Frequent sips of water – hydrate hydrate hydrate!
  • For high-intensity workouts, plan to bring an electrolyte drink with adequate sodium and potassium.


Right After:

  • Hydrate, but add electrolytes (drink water with an electrolyte powder or 100% fruit juice)

About 30 Minutes After: 

  • Refuel with carbohydrates, think whole-grain cereals, whole-wheat toast, low-fat yogurt, whole grain pasta or rice, fruits, and vegetables) because you burned a good bit during the workout
  • Refuel with protein. Now is the time to eat protein sources (lean meats, yogurt, nuts, protein powders) to help repair and grow your muscles.

We recommend a piece of toast with nut butter or a glass of chocolate milk!

Now that you’ve got an idea of how to fuel before, during, and after your workout, it’s time to get moving! Pay attention to your body and what it needs at all times. Hydration is key, especially if you live a very active lifestyle.

Check out The American Heart Association for more tips!

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