Last week we focused on the vegetarian diet. What it means to be a vegetarian, why people opt for vegetarianism, and some of the questions people ask before they get started! We’ve heard from Evan about what it’s like to experiment with being a vegetarian and now it’s time we give it a whirl and experiment ourselves with a few meatless recipes the whole family will love!

Below, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites:


Soups are the perfect way to satisfy a comfort food craving. Let’s be real, we all have this craving at some point! There’s not much better than a hot, home-cooked meal on a chilly evening. They’re also great to prepare in advance and warm up throughout the week.

Veggie Chili 

Squash Soup with White Beans  

Avocado Toast

This trending food item packs more than just great flavor! Who knew spreading avocado on a piece of toasted bread could start such an epidemic? The beauty of this newfound superfood is the variety of toppings you can use! Avocado is somewhat of a neutral flavor, so adding fresh or roasted veggies or red onions and cilantro are easy ways to customize your toast.

Avocado Toast with Squash


Salad is known to be a healthy and quick meal. It’s not as hard as you might think to leave off the animal protein sources and still feel full! Salads are great to prepare in bulk and eat throughout the week (just leave off the dressing until right before you’re ready to eat!).

Quinoa Salad

Simple Salad


This is one of our favorite meatless recipes that not only leaves out meat but also sneaks in a few vegetables! These squash pancakes don’t fit into any other category, but we wanted to be sure to include them, as they’re incredibly delicious and we know you’ll love them just as much as we do!

Squash Pancakes 3 Ways



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