In a survey of 1,100 U.S. online grocery shoppers, 87% of respondents said a healthy lifestyle is important to them, but 88% find it difficult to incorporate healthy eating into their daily routines. Two-thirds of respondents pointed to lack of time as a barrier.

This survey is one of many in which respondents say: No time. We hear this all the time – from friends, family members, the people we work with, even ourselves. But if we take a closer look, there’s often something deeper going on. Sometimes fear, often a lack of motivation or interest, occasionally negative associations, and sometimes low self-esteem.

The things we don’t want to admit, the things we don’t want to talk about, we avoid them by rushing around, claiming we’re too busy. Fun fact from a 2015 survey: a lot of us are lying, and a lot of us know it…

Now What?

You could give up your vices – swap out snack time for meal prep or Netflix for a new exercise routine. You could pay attention to how much time you’re spending on various activities, and think critically about what your priorities are vs. what you want them to be. You could also accept where you are as a great place to start, and find ways to build healthier habits into your existing routine.

Move More

Instead of giving up your favorite shows, try bringing the screen to the gym, or doing no-equipment exercises while you watch. Instead of canceling your coffee plans to hit the gym, invite your friend to join you for a walk. Check out our 7 Strategies to Move More, or talk to your Health Advisor, to find additional strategies more applicable to your life.

Make Time for Meal Prep

Eating out a lot can really make healthy eating hard. Your Health Advisor can help you navigate this tricky territory, by helping you find healthy options at your favorite restaurants and smart swaps that improve the nutrition stats of your meal without sacrificing on flavor. OR you can find the time in your busy schedule for meal prep! We recommend setting aside an hour or two a week for grocery shopping and to prepare a basics bar (Tupperware containers full of quinoa, chopped veggies, grilled chicken, and other healthy ingredients you can mix and match over the course of the week, chipotle-style). Ask your Health Advisor about our meal-planning guide.

Practice Mindfulnes s

Me time and quiet time can be hard to find, and they’re super important to maintain a healthy and positive state of mind. You can develop a mindfulness practice by making time for meditation – waking up 20 minutes early, for example, or cutting your TV-time off earlier so you can meditate or journal before bed – or you can practice mindfulness while doing everyday tasks. While you’re drinking your morning coffee, while you’re doing the dishes, when you’re cooking a healthy meal, focus on what you’re doing and how your body’s feeling.  Find your zen.

Get Help When You Need It

Sometimes, especially when you are managing a chronic condition, time really is a pressing issue. Sometimes a resource that does things for you or helps you get things done faster makes all the difference.

That’s why we partner with resource providers like PillPack for prescriptions, and Nourish for healthy meals, to make it easier for our members to live healthy lives. Ask your Health Advisor what resources we recommend for you.


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