Crock-Pot season has officially arrived here in Alabama. One of our favorite things about a slow cooker meal is that it’s just so easy! In the morning, simply toss in your ingredients, crank up that cooking machine, and go about your business until your food is done. Viola! You have a home-cooked meal with minimal effort (huge win)! Another reason Crock-Pots have a special place in our hearts is that not only can you effortlessly cook dinner, you’re also able to serve a healthy dinner at an affordable price (even bigger win)! Today, we’re sharing three dietitian-approved slow-cooker meals the whole family will love! We’re even including a price breakdown so you can see how affordable these recipes truly are.

For a printable version for your fridge, click here!

If you haven’t quite pulled the trigger on buying a Crock-Pot, we’ve linked a few affordable options here. (Option 1, Option 2, and Option 3)


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