Fear CAN be helpful.

It may motivate you to get out of scary situations or change behaviors that have scary consequences.

But how often does fear get in the way? 

As a child on Halloween, what if your fear of the neighbor’s jack-o-lanterns had kept you inside? If you’d been too afraid to trick or treat, you’d have missed a lot of fun! On a more serious note, medical bills can be scary to think about. If you’re afraid of medical expenses, you may be afraid to look too closely at your health plan.

Is your fear keeping you in the dark?

Do you know what you’re going to spend on health care this year? Do you want to know? The real danger is not taking the time to understand your coverage. You won’t have to be afraid if you know for sure that your current plan is the right one for your healthcare needs!

Open enrollment season begins soon.

You have until December 15th to get comfortable with and make any necessary changes to your plan. And here’s the really good news: this doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve got some simple videos and guides to help you out (see the video below), and your Health Advisor is here to help every step of the way.




Not yet a member of Pack Health?

We actually have grant-funded (read: free) programs available right now for individuals with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Crohn’s and Colitis. Click your condition to learn more and sign up, or learn more about our other programs here.

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