The month of May is prime time for spring cleaning! While you’re dusting and scrubbing and sorting and organizing and deciding what goes and what stays, take a minute to think about your most permanent home – your body.

Have you ever thought about how much your environment affects your health?

Spring Clean Your Bedroom

Take the TV out! Studies have connected the presence of a TV in the bedroom and the practice of watching TV before bed with both sleep deprivation and weight gain. Removing the TV from your bedroom can improve your quality of life.

Spring Clean Your Kitchen

A recent study showed that a cluttered kitchen cued people to overeat. When placed in a clean and tidy eating environment, however, participants reported feeling more in control and consumed fewer calories overall.

Spring Clean Your Pantry

The foods you’re most likely to eat are the foods you keep close at hand. Try organizing your pantry so that healthy items are easy-access, and unhealthy temptations are in harder-to-reach or less visible locations (for example, an out-of-the-way cupboard, the back of the freezer, or a hard-to-reach top shelf). Keeping healthy options around – and unhealthy temptations “out of sight, out of mind” – can also help you stay on track.

Spring Clean Your Life

In general, the presence of clutter increases stress, which decreases your quality of life and can limit or interfere with your healthy habits. What can you do to declutter and distress today?


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