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Shortlister knows which solutions take meeting employees ‘where they are’ to the next level.

Thanks for using Shortlister to learn more about Pack Health! Our solution provides your employees with the chronic condition management support they need, when and where they need it.

The Tools Your Employees Need to Make Healthy Living Easier

Pack Health makes chronic condition and comorbidity management easier with the right partner and the right tools. 
Remote, human-to-human coaching.

Members are assigned a dedicated, human Health Advisor to provide social support, accountability, and education. No chatbots, here.

Simple, intuitive engagement.

Members connect with their Health Advisor through weekly calls, texts, and emails, based on their preference. No logins, no passwords.

Over 250+ device integrations.

Members are able to connect wearables and devices they’re already using to simplify progress tracking and tailor engagement. 


One Platform with Configurable Member Journeys

We know the body doesn’t silo chronic conditions, which is why we address multiple conditions on one platform. Pack Health offers condition-specific coaching for 25+ chronic conditions and comorbidities.
51% average increase in weekly exercise
Pain reduced by

Tumor-Agnostic Symptom Management
Breast Cancer
Multiple Myeloma
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Clinical Trials Support

50% reduction in flare frequency.
78% who screened
positively for depression
are no longer at risk.

High Stress
Opioid Misuse Prevention

Musculoskeletal pain
reduced by 31%

Chronic Pain
Hepatitis C
HIV Prevention Program
Hospital Readmissions Prevention
Overactive Bladder
Musculoskeletal Pain

We get results for our members. Plus, they get a program they want (and like) to use.

Providing support to employees with chronic conditions helps everyone.

Employees who use symptom management strategies are more likely to have a better quality of life, have lower healthcare costs, and improved workplace attendance. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

“The ease of implementation, the quality of the advice our employees are getting… I would recommend it to any employer who is trying to increase the wellness of their employees.”

– Kent Pearson, Director of Compensation and Benefits
Coca Cola Bottling Company United

Learn Why Pack Health is the Right Fit for Your Employees