The New Year is a time for resolutions. This year I’m going to lose 30lbs, and this year I am completely changing my diet- are a few common goals. Setting the bar high may seem like a good idea in this optimistic hour, but when it comes to your health habits, when was the last time shooting for the moon landed you amongst the stars?

Those big bad goals are exciting.

They also take persistent effort over a significant chunk of time to achieve. It’s easy to be motivated in the moment of this new beginning, but to get the results we’re looking for, we’re going to have to stay motivated in our day-to-day life. This is where New Year’s resolutions get tricky. This is where we tend to give up.

It is a very human thing to enter a cycle of making and breaking deals with yourself. If you’re a member of Pack Health, however, your Health Advisor has asked you to break down too-big-to-stick resolutions into tiny steps. If you’re a member of Pack Health, you’re proving that lasting success comes from achievable daily goals.

Do you want to lose 30 lbs?

Let’s talk tiny steps, like taking more steps in your day-to-day life. How about taking a lap around the block tomorrow morning, two laps when you’re ready, three laps the week after that? How about taking the stairs instead of the elevator? Or, instead of changing your diet completely, try to incorporate a new vegetable into every meal! Try cooking more meals at home, following guidelines for the healthy plate. Try buying baby carrots to munch on during your favorite TV shows, and save your favorite chips for a special snack!

Motivation is one of the biggest reasons we create New Year’s Resolutions, but it’s hard to hold onto that drive and do what needs to be done when you’re reaching for a lofty and long-term goal. Taking Tiny Steps allows us ample opportunities to congratulate ourselves, and as it turns out, a job well done is one of the best motivators!

The most exciting goals and resolutions are the ones you can accomplish today.

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