Being stuck inside doesn’t have to be a drag. Take this opportunity to spend time in your kitchen and teach your children life skills like nourishing their bodies with healthy and delicious food, or skills such as how to dice an onion. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing healthy and delicious recipes that will keep you satisfied and healthy while using what’s on hand. 

A few of you have mentioned eating out of boredom during these crazy quarantined times. Us, too. Jennifer Dunn, a Senior Health Advisor and registered dietitian at Pack Health, has a few tips to share: 

01 Move less nutritious foods to harder to reach places. Out of sight. Higher pantry shelves. Freezer if appropriate.

02 Move more nutritious foods to easier to reach places. Lower shelves, top fridge shelves. Prepped, chopped, etc.

03 If you get a snack out, set aside the portion you intend to eat, and put the rest away immediately.

04 Keep the kitchen lights off, except at designated meal times or times of true hunger.

05 Stay hydrated by keeping a bottle of water nearby at all times.

06 Designate some snacks and meals that are high fiber and filling.

07 Before getting something to eat, stop and assess hunger (we have hunger scale worksheets for those who want them). If you’re hungry, proceed to select something that makes you feel good. If you’re not, write down what other feelings you have instead. Come up with another way to address that feeling besides food.

08 Make your own personal list of alternative activities other than eating. Leave the list out where you will see it. Examples:

  • Walk around the block one time. 
  • Call or text a friend that you’d like to check in on.
  • Make a short gratitude list. 
  • Cuddle with the dog.
  • Reorganize an area of the house. 
  • Dance to one song.





Last updated 11/24/20.