Every Friday at Pack Health we bring in experts for brown bag lunch-and-learns. Typically we gather round to hear about their work, then discuss its applications to our members’ needs. When Kendell Jno Finn PT, DPT (Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy) came in to speak with us, his training was a bit more hands-on.

Between correcting our posture, teaching us simple movements to relieve back pain, and leading us in a group yoga session, Kenny got us excited about the power of movement. We’re eager to share his story and (in our experience, contagious) passion for movement with you!

Q: So Kenny, tell us about yourself. What first inspired you to become a physical therapist?

A: My journey to becoming a physical therapist was a mixture of several things.  Most people thought I was going to medical school or pharmacy school. Neither fit my personality from a lifestyle and entrepreneurial standpoint.  I had the opportunity to shadow at several clinical settings and then began working at the Lakeshore Foundation.  Working there pretty much sealed the deal because of the experience helping people with disabilities chase their dreams related to movement.

Q: You practice at EW Motion Therapy is the idea of motion therapy different from physical therapy?

A:  In some ways it is.  We made the change because it fits with how we practice.  The way you move is a great reflection of your health and we use motion to empower wellness in communities and lifestyles.  This concept is reflected in the services we offer and the events or programs we support.

Q: What would you say is the most common reason people need physical/motion therapy?

A: Neck pain and back pain are two of the most common issues that we see.

Q: What do you think is the most important part of physical/motion therapy?

A:  I think that the quality evaluation, a treatment plan specific to you as a patient and having an environment where you experience 1- on-1 hands-on treatment

Q: What’s the number one piece of advice you have when people start working with you?

A: That I am part of their team and that they are the most important part of that team.  My goal is to get that person to be able to do what they want as much as they want without any issues.

Q: Why do you think physical therapy is important for people with chronic conditions?

A: Chronic conditions, when managed the right way, don’t have to limit the way you live life.  Movement can be an invaluable part of the treatment or management of your particular condition.

Q: That’s so interesting, can you give an example?

A:  A great example of this is someone trying to manage any condition whose symptoms include increased inflammation.  Chronic inflammation can lead to stiff joints and decreased mobility among other things.  With the right evaluation and treatment, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Dr. Kendell Jno-Finn PT, DPT practices at EW Motion Therapy, at their Trussville location.

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