Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease that affects 7.5 million Americans.  The good news is many people actually have our disease, so you’re not in this alone.  I actually was diagnosed with psoriasis 25 years ago.  I’ve worked hard to understand this disease by surfing the Internet.  I often find myself talking to strangers about this disease to raise awareness.

Why, you may ask?  

I actually find it therapeutic to listen and share stories with others.  That’s why I founded a support group on Facebook called Overcoming Psoriasis, and why I’m writing this series for the Pack Health blog. Psoriasis is so often misunderstood.  Nobody truly understands our disease unless they are actually living it.  Because it is a visible disease often the public will think it’s contagious.  This complicates the matter exponentially.  Our disease is not contagious. When people ask what is that on your skin, I am prepared to educate them.  It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness.  I’ve found that my confidence helps them feel more comfortable.  You can do this too.

Years ago I was very sensitive about the subject.  I couldn’t look people in the eye.  I was ashamed and embarrassed.  I felt nobody understood.  The stares and rude comments destroyed my self-confidence.  I had no ambition to leave the house.  I became more and more depressed.  The pain, itching, flakes, and redness was a constant reminder that life as I once known it was over.  I knew I needed help, but who do I turn to?

There’s not enough information out there that’s clear and accessible to us all.

Pack Health seeks to bridge this gap, and by sharing my story I hope to help them achieve this goal.

In this series of posts, I will write to you about my experience with psoriasis: from the resources I’ve found and the treatments I’ve tried, to the questions I’ve had to answer and the Tiny Steps I’ve taken with my Health Advisor. I am here for you.

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