Okay, we talk a lot about healthy eating and how to make it work for you. This week, we wanted to round up some more perspectives, and highlight how different bloggers with chronic conditions are making healthy food work for them. Here’s what we found:

01 Dina Niels talks her Top 10 Favorite Foods that Fight Inflammation here: amazing how changing your diet can change how you feel–especially if you find healthy foods you enjoy!

02 Alexa of Girl in Healing is a Nutrition Therapy Student with Crohn’s. Check out her inspiring story here and explore her recipes before you go – yum!

03 If you’re having trouble following your diabetes diet then take a look at Katherine Tomlinson’s post about hearing your inner nutritionist. Check out what she has to say about the one-size-fits-all approach here.

04 This athlete with multiple sclerosis eats a raw diet to power up – this post explains what that looks like, including a typical day of meals.

05 Member and guest blogger Sheri Hardeman recently reflected on how certain healthy foods exacerbated her UC symptoms, and how she adjusted to make healthy work for her. Read her story here.

When you look at the range of stories across conditions, you realize how personal healthy eating really is. There are so many more stories out there, but our takeaways are that you can find healthy food you enjoy, and the food you eat really does affect how you feel.

What have you been reading or writing about lately? Do you have a fresh perspective on eating healthy with a chronic condition? Share your favorite blogs with us at blog@packhealth.com.


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