BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 3, 2021 // Leading patient engagement platform Pack Health today announced the publication of their recent study, “The influence of baseline A1c on digital health coaching outcomes for adults with type 2 diabetes: A real-world retrospective cohort study” in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) Diabetes. The study aims to examine the impact of digital health coaching outcomes by baseline hemoglobin A1c to better understand which populations may experience the greatest clinical and psychosocial benefit from the intervention. 

Digital health coaching is a common diabetes self-management support strategy and has been linked to positive mental and physical health outcomes, however, the relationship between baseline risk and outcomes has yet to be evaluated in a real-world setting.  For this study, the digital health coaching program included patient-centered lifestyle and psychosocial support through phone calls, texts, and emails with a dedicated Pack Health Advisor. Individuals participated for a total of 12 weeks with pre and post-data collection. 

“Digital health coaching solutions are rapidly scaling across the US to address the complex needs of individuals living with type 2 diabetes,” says Megan Martin, MPH, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Programs at Pack Health. “Data from previous studies illustrate the tremendous potential of these accessible solutions to both reach and positively impact patients between clinical visits,” Martin added.

With 81% of participants having a reported baseline A1c of greater than 7%, 12-week results across A1c cohorts include lowered BMI, increased overall mental and physical health scores, and reductions in diabetes distress. Individuals in the high-risk A1c cohort (i.e., A1cs  greater than 9%) reported the greatest reduction margin at -2.28 points.

 “This real-world study builds on existing knowledge to improve our understanding of potential outcomes and, specifically, which patients may experience the greatest benefit,” says Dhiren Patel, PharmD, CDCES, BC-ADM, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs at Pack Health. “We hope that our findings will lay the foundation for future clinical trials to better inform targeted referral strategies and ensure these services get to those who need it the most.”


About Pack Health

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