BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 20, 2020 / — Pack Health along with Proxsys Rx today announced their ongoing collaboration to reduce hospital readmissions through the program PaaS Readmissions: Powered by Pack Health. The organizations are working together to mobilize the program in an effort to ease the healthcare burden caused by COVID-19. 

The Proxsys Rx program, PaaS (Pharmacy as a Service) Readmissions: Powered by Pack Health was developed as a 30-day referral workflow solution for patients. After hospital discharge, a Proxsys Rx pharmacy representative connects with patients to review a treatment adherence plan and enroll the patient into Pack Health’s 30-day digital health coaching program for readmissions reduction. From there, each patient works with a digital health coach to address barriers to treatment, adherence and coordinate follow up appointments with providers. The program supports patients with one or multiple chronic conditions and directly addresses factors that put patients at high risk of hospital readmission, including social determinants, difficulties adhering to treatment plans, and medical complications. 

“By reducing readmissions, we accomplish not only our top priority of improving patient and community health status but we close gaps in care by opening access to digital health coaching and pharmacy programs to help patients stay healthy, ” said Proxsys Rx CEO George B. Salem. Reducing readmissions opens hospital beds and extends hospital capacity. ” Issues of capacity and resources rarely come to the attention of the public but are always top of mind for healthcare providers. COVID-19 brings these important considerations to light for the general public,” said Salem. 

The two organizations are working with healthcare organizations to use the program to offload the excess burden on healthcare systems, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, by guiding patients to the appropriate care site after discharge. “In the midst of COVID-19, we have a duty and responsibility to help,” says Mazi Rasulnia, Ph.D., CEO of Pack Health. “PaaS Readmissions: Powered by Pack Health is designed to keep those with chronic conditions healthy at home after discharge. It’s our goal to help hospitals use their resources as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

About Proxsys Rx

Proxsys Rx is a healthcare solutions company providing value, revenue, and savings to our healthcare system partners through inpatient and outpatient engagement, such as free bedside and home prescription delivery and comprehensive pharmacy services. Additionally, Proxsys Rx improves key quality and economic indicators by delivering employee health benefit cost reductions and readmission risk reduction. 

About Pack Health

Pack Health is a digital health coaching platform that integrates evidence-based content, metrics, and devices to deliver highly personalized human-to-human support. The high touch engagement model is proven to increase access, improve experience, and drive better health outcomes for individuals with chronic conditions. This translates to ROI for clients across industry verticals, including health systems, health plans, employers, and CME companies.


Brittney Vigna
Marketing Manager, Pack Health