We talk a lot about the importance of exercise for your health. We’ve got posts about exercising with hepatitis C, RA, MS, and Psoriasis. We have blog posts about how exercise affects your blood sugar, about how to overcome obstacles to exercise, and about how exercise benefits your mental health, but one thing we probably don’t talk enough about is how exercise can hurt, and how important it is to listen to your body! Before you start moving more, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re moving your body in the right ways.

Today begins a series of exercises lead by Kendell Jno-Finn PT DPT, a physical therapist who’s dedicated his life to helping people move better and feel better in their bodies. He’s built a career on his understanding of movement as medicine and recently teamed up with our team here at Pack Health to help you learn simple movements you can do to prevent and relieve pain in the comfort of your own home.

To kick things off, he’s tackling the two most common contributors to chronic pain: poor posture and lack of movement.

Learn more by watching the video below:

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