Member Advocacy

Improving operations, logistics, and patient needs to keep our members happy and healthy.

Pertinent Member Information

To help members understand their rights, responsibilities, and information related to their participation in our programs.

Patient Rights

    • Access to coaching: You have the right to access health coaching.
    • Safety: You have the right to receive safe, effective, and high quality coaching.
    • Respect: You have the right to be shown respect, dignity, and consideration during health coaching sessions, online and offline.
    • Communication and Access to Information: You have the right to be informed about Pack Health services and products, and all treatment options for your condition and costs (regardless of benefit coverage) in a clear, concise manner. This will provide you with information to discuss options with your care team, as needed. You also have the right to request further information about the Pack Health staff and their qualifications.
    • Participation: You have the right to be included in and make decisions and choices about your health and when receiving care from a practitioner. Health Advisors do not provide clinical advice but empower you to have informed and prepared discussions with your practitioner and entire care team.
    • Privacy: You have the right to privacy and confidentiality of your personally identifiable information (please see the full privacy policy for more information).
    • Comment: You have the right to comment on your experience and have your concerns addressed.

Patient Responsibilities

    • Safety: If you have safety concerns, please share your safety concerns with us. Feel free to communicate concerns to your Health Advisor or call 855-255-2362.
    • Respect: Please consider the well being of others and your Health Advisor.
    • Communication: Please provide accurate health information so your Health Advisor can best support you. Also, please ask questions regarding your care, care coordination, or resource needs.
    • Participation: Please participate to your best ability by making an effort to comply with the Health Advisor and member coaching agreement expectations set in the first call.
    • Complaint/Feedback: Please speak up about a complaint or feedback via the appropriate complaint/feedback channels so that we can come to a quick resolution. We work to resolve complaints within seven business days. Complaints can be submitted via the Member Advocacy page ( on our website, by informing your Health Advisor, or calling 855-255-2362.

As an active member, you can cancel your Pack Health services at any time during the program.

You may also choose to opt-out of all future Pack Health communications. Choosing to opt-out will result in cancellation of Pack Health services.

Please let your Health Advisor know you wish to cancel current services or opt-out of all future communications from Pack Health by phone call to 855-255-2362 or email to

Members have the ability to communicate a complaint or feedback in the following ways:

  • Online form: Use the form below to submit feedback or a complaint.
  • Phone: Call 855-255-2362 to submit feedback or a complaint via phone.
  • Email: Send an email with your feedback or complaint to
  • Mail: Send a letter to 110 12th St. North Birmingham, AL 35203 (Attn: VP of Member Services)
  • Alert your sponsor: Make your sponsor (i.e. employer) aware of an issue
  • Health Advisor: Communicate a complaint to their Health Advisor via email, text, or during your weekly phone call.

Additionally, members will be asked to provide feedback at weeks 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 of the program.

In an urgent situation that is life-threatening, the member should call 911. In the event of a psychological emergency, the Health Advisor will provide support and resources to the member, including calling 911 on behalf of the member if they indicate suicidal intent. You should contact your Health Advisor first and then 855-255-2362 if needed.

Individuals are deemed eligible to participate in the program if they are at least 18 years of age, report diagnosis of the chronic disease program in which they choose to enroll, and are covered by a sponsoring group (ex. employer, health plan, etc.).

Pack Health calling hours to 855-255-2362 range from 8am to 5pm CST Monday through Friday. We offer coaching calls during the hours of 8am to 8pm CST Monday through Friday. You can reach Pack Health at 855-255-2362, or 110 12th Street North, Birmingham, AL 35203

To use the program services and individual must enroll via phone or online form and agree to the Terms of Use. The only tool a member will need is a device to be able to receive phone calls (i.e. landline, cellphone, smartphone, etc.). There are other digital capabilities including digital activities via links, a digital app, and digital content. At any time, a member can request a physical copy of the digital aspects of the program via their Health Advisor or calling 855-255-2362. Active members are able to request digital content in a physical format via their Health Advisor or by calling 855-255-2362. All members have the right to request this information in this format.

Share Your Feedback

Members have the right to share feedback and submit complaints. If you have information you’d like us to know, submit the form below.