How’d you hear about Pack Health and what made you want to sign up? 

At UAB we have a My Health rewards program and Pack Health is one of the ways we can gain points. I was intrigued by Pack Health, especially because I am not good at maintaining an exercise routine or managing my type 2 diabetes. I thought Pack Health could help me reach my goals.

We’re so happy to have you! How has your experience been so far? How’s it been with Larry?

My experience has been rewarding, to say the least. Larry has been so instrumental in keeping me focused and informing me about the foods and exercises I should be eating and doing. He’s been very instrumental in keeping me focused on my goals. He’s helped me focus on specific exercises to the areas I’d like to work on. He’s also trying to get me drinking almond milk! Years ago I started my family on Skim Milk, so he opened my eyes to new types of milks. He gives me a lot of health tips, he opens up my mind to different and new healthy foods and things in health.

His advice is great and simple. He is always positive and encouraging, which made me want to continue moving forward and keep working to reach my goals.

How has Pack Health helped you change your lifestyle and what keeps you motivated to change?

I am diabetic, and I have implemented walking at lunch and on breaks. I walk around my office to stay in the AC. I’ll even walk the stairs to try and keep it interesting. I try and get my steps in but I keep it realistic and set tiny goals for myself and gradually build up from there. Larry’s very encouraging and gives me different ways to exercise, and makes exercising not a chore, he makes it fun. My Fitbit makes it fun too, by making my step count and exercise feel more like a game. My water intake has increased as well. Larry also helped me realize that juices aren’t as healthy as I thought. I had no idea they had so much sugar in them! I found more creative ways to drink water, like the crystal light powders that are loaded with flavor but have no added sugar. I feel more alert and have more energy, but mainly I improved my sleep. We implemented a sleep timer, and it tells me when I need to go to sleep every night. I love the sleep feature on my Fitbit too. It helps me evaluate good and bad sleep.

What advice would you give to someone looking to sign up for one of our programs? 

Be honest and realistic about your goals. Be open-minded about trying something new. It’s okay to be afraid, but try to be creative because it’s your health and it’s very important. I highly recommend this program. My Health Advisor was a great support system. It’s life-changing! Hopefully, my story will encourage others to join and make their health a priority, after all, we only have one life!

What’s been the biggest thing you’ve accomplished while working with Larry?

I have a better grasp of my food intake and I’m learning how to deal with my intake when I eat at restaurants. Even if I have a cheat day, I learned how to eat to be full. I learned to have fun with my health, it made focusing on my health become more natural. I have the knowledge and resources to implement them into my daily life.

What have you learned about yourself?

How I have to be entertained. I learned how creative I am. Making my health a creative thing. How determined I am and learning to be realistic about a goal. I want to achieve my goals but don’t want to hurt myself in the process.

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Meet LaShaunda!

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