How’d you hear about Pack Health and what made you want to sign up? 

I heard about Pack Health through the UAB MyWellness program. Each year, they have us come in and get our vitals taken. They have a portal out there that shows us videos and has interactive content. Part of that portal included something about Pack Health. It was sharing how it’s a free resource for UAB employees, so I figured why not, what could it hurt?

We’re so happy to have you! How has your experience been so far? How’s it been with Jennifer?

It’s been GREAT. I really look forward to her calls every week. I’m actually sad we’re not going to have weekly calls anymore – we’ve moved into monthly calls. She’s so positive and if I ever slipped up, she’d never give me a hard time, but rather she’d help me prepare to move forward and focus on what I can do differently next time. We set S.M.A.R.T goals together and she was so helpful in my reaching those goals. You kinda think that your health coach is going to have huge goals for you that are hard to obtain, but what I loved so much about the program is that we set Tiny Steps together. Tiny Steps are small, reachable goals and when you reach a goal, you feel so good about yourself and motivated to keep going. I started following her on Instagram and I would tag her in photos of my food while I was on vacation. She’d provide encouragement and positive reinforcement for me the entire trip. Working with her has made me so much more aware of how food makes me feel.

I actually almost gave up on her after our second call. It wasn’t anything to do with her, but I was thinking ‘Gosh I really don’t have time to do this,’ and she encouraged me to stick to it. She convinced me to commit to the call once a week and said that’s all I had to do. I’m so glad she was so persistent.

I still take pictures of my activity every day and tag her in it! I might inspire one person to make a change and that’s why I do it. A friend of my sister messaged me on Facebook and said I inspired her to buy a FitBit and, in a way, that’s a kudos to Pack Health too!

How has Pack Health helped you change your lifestyle and what keeps you motivated to change?

Before Pack Health, I was actually slowly losing weight on my own, but I wasn’t doing anything drastic. I also wasn’t exercising at all. Since starting at Pack Health, I’ve been walking every single day. Not far, not fast, but enough to get my heart rate up. My TinyStep is to get 15 minutes of walking in each day, and I usually meet that by a longshot, but knowing I hit the little goal makes me feel accomplished and more motivated to keep going. I noticed I don’t beat myself up as much as I have on other programs I’ve tried.

Did you two set any specific Tiny Steps you’d like to share? 

One of the Tiny Steps we set was around water. One week my goal was to drink 64 ounces of water per day and I found it was pretty easy to do. Another one was sleep-related and working on how much quality sleep I’m getting each night. I’m still working on this one.

What advice would you give to someone looking to sign up for one of our programs? 

I would give them the same advice that helped me. There’s nothing to lose, just give it a try! It’s a lot easier than you think. Your Health Advisor will be your biggest cheerleader!

What is your favorite go-to healthy recipe? 

I don’t do a lot of cooking right now because I’m working full time, I’m in grad school, and I have a family! My favorite healthy go-to meal is either a brown rice or salad bowl from RollUps in downtown Birmingham. I get sushi and tuna and a bunch of fruits and vegetables to make it as colorful as I can. It’s so good and so filling, I could eat it every single day!

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Gwynne smiles proudly after working closely with Jennifer Dunn.

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