Health issues can trigger many strong emotions. It may even seem as though concerns about life or your health can create an invisible barrier between yourself and others. However, maintaining social ties is extremely important for maintaining good physical and mental health, and it helps reduce stress!

Social support not only helps improve your well-being, it affects your immune system as well.

If feelings of sadness, lack of energy or worry are interfering with your daily life, it may be time to seek support from your social circle. Here are a few ways that will help give you an excellent sense of connection with others.

01 Be open with your family and friends about how you feel and how they can support you. Keep a calendar and make a standing lunch date. Suggest ways they can help such as: driving you to appointments, going for a walk or simply listening when you want to talk.

02 Join a professionally-led support group or reach out to someone you know who has gone through something similar.

03 Ask your Health Advisor for more tools you can use to better manage your social circle.

Keep your social connections strong. It’s good for you! If you’re not sure how, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to tell your care team, and talk to your Health Advisor for even more ways to maintain a good social circle.


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