So you’re newly diagnosed with psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis and you want to know more about our disease.  Or you had mild psoriasis for years and suddenly it’s becoming increasingly worse.  Well, today I want to write about a few resources that will help educate you to gain control.

Do you know what”s out there?

We are in exciting times for our disease state.  Many new treatments exist and many more are in the pipeline.  The resources are fairly easy to find.  But I feel the best advice comes from fellow Psoriatics. That’s why I founded a support group on Facebook called Overcoming Psoriasis.  The members are very friendly and compassionate.  We share stories and offer support.  There are many knowledgeable members that love helping each other.  Some members who are having a bad day find it nice to just come and vent.

Another great resource and this is a must is the National Psoriasis Foundation.  They are the number one resource when it comes to psoriatic diseases.   I highly suggest you get involved with the NPF.

Do you have physicians that you trust?

Your physician has to be your number one resource. Find a dermatologist/rheumatologist that is knowledgeable about the newer medications.  The older medications aren”t as safe and effective as the new and improved drugs.

Are you thinking beyond the pill?

You’re going to want to learn about nutrition and exercise.  Metabolic syndrome is associated with our disease, so are heart disease, cancer, stroke, and depression.  Pack Health has helped me set realistic and obtainable goals.  They match you with a Health Advisor that works with you each and every week.

These people go over the material provided in your welcome pack.  Pack Health helps you solve problems by setting short and long term goals.  Nothing is left to the imagination.  It’s fun and simple and your Health Advisor actually cares.  They can help you find more resources like the ones I’ve mentioned. They can help you use these resources more effectively. They will help you succeed.

Good Luck,



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