We live in the age of information. For any question that pops into your head, any obstacle that stands in your way, you can access millions of articles, videos, and resources by simply typing into a search bar. When it comes to your health – your symptoms, your habits, your goals, your barriers — there are a million tips, endless products, and a few promising apps.

With so many answers and resources at our fingertips, it should be easy to find what we need!

But is it?

Forty-five percent of people with chronic conditions say they know what to do but admit that they lack the skill or time to follow through. There needs to be a more reliable, more personal, and less time-consuming way to get what you need.

This, in a nutshell, is Pack Health’s reason for being. You set the goal, we”ll help you get there.

It’s all about simplifying and personalizing your journey to better health.

Personalization isn’t just about having a condition-specific program or scheduling calls or choosing emails versus texts. It’s about having a human who understands what you’re going through. Who really listens, and is able to support you in the way you need.

When faced with a challenge, it’s not just information we need. We need information that’s actionable. Information that gives us the next step.

Today, for participants in the #7dayPowerUp, a Health Advisor at Pack Health is on call to help you the way they help Pack Health members every day. The theme is to take something off your plate and get you answers you can act on.

Have a question about nutrition? Ask it.
Anxious about your next doctor’s appointment? We”ll help you prepare.
Looking for resources in your area? Let us do that research for you.

Healthcare can be complicated, but getting better shouldn’t be. We’re here to help!

P.S. If you have RA, you can get this kind of support on a daily basis from your own dedicated Health Advisor. The best part is we’ve got grant funding for these programs, so your spot has already been paid for! No payment information required. Click here to sign up.


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