With the holidays approaching, it’s quite common to feel overwhelmed. A chronic illness like psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis just adds to the problems we overthink and worry about this time of year. I’ve often read that worrying is a waste of time and adds unnecessary stress to the equation we are trying to solve, so today I want to discuss four simple things that help me manage my chronic illness around the holidays.

01 Start with the Basics

Life, in general, is tough enough. Throw in a chronic illness or two, and finding the time to manage holiday stress can be very challenging. One way to avoid being worried and stressed is to be organized. I know this is broad in topic, but the organization is a must.  Without going into too much detail, I want you to start organizing all matters in your life.  A few examples of this are:

  • keeping a calendar
  • putting things back where they belong, and
  • having a sophisticated filing system dedicated to your bills and paperwork.

If getting organized feels easy and achievable, just go for it. If it feels overwhelming, you can always work with your Health Advisor to figure out the simplest place to start.

02 Prioritize What Matters

There are many priorities in life. YOU are a top priority, wouldn’t you agree?

With that said, I want you to start thinking about your overall health.  Pack Health can help you get back on track. They will help you understand the importance of diet and exercise. Knowledge is power, and once this is learned, you will reshape your life to a healthy body, mind, and soul. You’ will accomplish the goals you set, both long term and short.

03 Be Proactive

If you’re struggling with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and it’s getting in the way of your life, you need to get professional help.

See a specialist who knows about our disease. If you’re unsure about which treatment your doctor suggests, do your homework. Talk to other people who are on that treatment and learn from them. Your Health Advisor can help you make these connections, and find in-network resources.

Once you gain control of your disease, everything else will fall into place.

04 Follow Your Bliss

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed. We all have that inner child that remembers the joy a holiday can bring. Watch a movie to get you in the holiday spirit. Buy some gifts for your loved ones. Bake your favorite dessert. Don’t let another holiday pass by without making it special.  Giving is the secret of the universe, it aligns you with its infinite power.

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