Did you know that behavioral choices are the greatest domain of influence on health in the United States? Recent research puts behavioral choices ahead of environmental conditions, social circumstances, genetics, and even medical care as the number one determinant of health outcomes. That’s right, the number one determinant of health is what you choose to do with your life.

We’re talking about the choices you make each day: what you eat, what you do, and how you cope with stress. It boils down to four key things:

01 What are you eating?

Are you following the guidelines of the healthy plate? At Pack Health, we firmly believe that healthy eating shouldn’t stress you out, but we also know that what and how you eat can have a huge impact on your health. Talk to your Health Advisor about stress-free ways to improve your diet, one day at a time.

02 Are you active?

Increasing activity not only reduces your risk of chronic diseases but can also reduce symptoms. Exercise reduced symptoms in knee arthritis patients by 47 percent, diabetes by 58 percent, and anxiety by 48 percent. If you’re not physically active and aren’t sure where to start, check out our tips on walking your way to better health and how to fit that exercise in on even the busiest of days.

03 Are you smoking or drinking?

You’ve probably heard this one before, but according to the CDC, overall mortality for male and female smokers in the U.S. is up to three times higher than for non-smokers. The occasional alcoholic beverage isn’t necessarily a problem, but alcoholism does serious damage to your liver and other organs, not to mention your personal life and mental health.  Kicking these bad habits to the curb can add years onto your life. Need support? Talk to your Health Advisor, we can help you find your motivation, and implement strategies that work for you.

04 What’s on your mind?

Recent studies suggest that your mindset can actually impact your longevity. One recent JAMA Internal Medicine study from the University College London found people who felt three or more years younger than they actually were had a lower death rate than people who thought of themselves as more than a year older. Another study found keeping your mind active and sharp can help you live longer. Numerous studies also support the importance of managing stress.

The most important part of this news is that these determinants of health outcomes are under your control. If you’re a member, you know what we’re talking about. Let’s work together to achieve your health goals.


Not yet a member of Pack Health?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic condition, you’re eligible to become a member and get your own personal Health Advisor. In addition to providing tips and guides that make it easier for you to be healthy, your Health Advisor will be your coach, confidant, and accountability system as you work to get your health under control and feel better overall.

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