There’s a reason why Health Advisors recommend starting small.

Not only does breaking things down into more manageable steps ease the overwhelming feelings associated with a diagnosis, small successes get the ball rolling. Those Tiny Steps you take each day put you on a winning track.

What makes a good Tiny Step?

Tiny Steps can be exercise goals (I will go for a morning walk every day this week) or healthy eating goals (I will eat the healthy plate for at least 1 meal a day), but they can also be little things you want to accomplish – like making your bed every day, doing the dishes so that you go to bed each night with a clean sink, saying no to screens (tvs, computers, and phones) after 9 pm, or having at least one meal a day with someone you love.

These little things matter regardless of your health status, but when you’re living with a chronic condition, the management of day to day stressors may seem that much more difficult. Taking the time to prioritize these so-called little things can lower your stress level and improve your quality of life.

What”s your Tiny Step of the week?

Choose something small that you can do every day, and commit to making it a part of your routine. Every time you complete your Tiny Step, write it down. Celebrate your success!

When you’re achieving your goals every day of the week, you know you’re on the winning track.

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