Anyone who has gone to a doctor understands that healthcare is expensive. Even with insurance, things like deductibles and coinsurance mean you are still on the hook for a lot of the bill.

This is particularly true when you’re living with a chronic condition. Unmanaged, you have to go to a lot of doctors, take a lot of medications and you risk having a problem that requires a hospital stay or procedure. This adds up.

Let’s take Type 2 Diabetes as an example. Rough estimates suggest that with increasingly more severe Type 2 Diabetes, costs go up as follows:

  • Getting diagnosed: $2,500 of extra costs
  • Low-severity to Medium-severity: $1,500 of extra costs
  • Medium-severity to High-severity: $3,250 of extra costs

Does this feel daunting? Don’t get discouraged!

When you get a handle on your condition, you improve not only your health but your finances as well. And you CAN get a handle on your condition, which means you CAN control these costs.

All it takes is a commitment to the tiny steps. Move more, stay hydrated, follow the healthy plate. These solutions are simple, you just need to find your motivation, break it down, and take it one day at a time. Work with your Health Advisor – or get a Health Advisor, if you aren’t ready a member of Pack Health. The best part is we got grant funding to provide this service for free (150 three-month slots). Our Health Advisors are standing by. Click here to become a member for three months at no cost to you.

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