Here’s a better way to make sure you feel your best.

Healthcare workers are eligible to receive one-on-one health coaching.
Must live in the contiguous US to participate.

U.S. Healthcare workers: sign up for free health coaching.

Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals are eligible to receive one-on-one health coaching. Must live in the contiguous US to participate in this program.

We’re here to help you through those 12-hour shifts.

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When you’re at your max, know we have your back.

Care lights are flashing, your unit is short-staffed, you haven’t eaten, and it’s 4 AM. One person can only take so much. So, when you need us, we’re here to listen.


You give your all every day. Let us focus on you.

Even with a career that’s all about health, it can still feel hard to keep yours at the forefront. We’ll keep yours at the top of our list with personal health coaching.


We’re here to deliver the support you actually want.

From recipes that boost energy to tips to reduce feelings of anxiety, we’ll take the work out of staying healthy. Let us take some things off your mental plate.

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

What is Pack Health and how is it being provided?

Pack Health is an evidence-based patient engagement platform that provides personalized, one-on-one remote health coaching and support. 

Takeda and Lundbeck partnered with Pack Health to bring you this program at no cost!  This program is specifically designed for healthcare providers.

If I sign up for Pack Health, what do I get?

When you sign up for Pack Health, you’ll be matched with a personal Health Advisor. Health Advisors are non-clinical health professionals that come from multidisciplinary health backgrounds such as dietetics, social work, public health, and exercise physiology. While you’re busy focusing on the health of patients, your Health Advisor will always be in your back pocket with your health at the top of their list.

But I’m a healthcare provider. Why would I need a Health Advisor?

Health Advisors are not here to deliver treatment or teach you things you already know, but to provide you an unbiased support arm outside of your co-workers, families, or friends. Health Advisors recognize how important the work of healthcare providers is, but also realize the unique challenges that come with the profession. Your Health Advisor can take your unique circumstances into account — whether it’s difficulties eating healthy on night shift, trouble unwinding when you come home, or barriers caused by hospital administration. As a healthcare worker, you do so much every day. It’s your Health Advisor’s job to focus on you.

How do I work with my Health Advisor?

You’ll work with your Health Advisor from wherever you are,  on your schedule. Your Health Advisor reaches out to you on a weekly basis via phone calls, text messages, and emails. You can choose which communication methods you’d prefer to use.

Who can I contact with questions about Pack Health?

You can reach out directly to Pack Health at (855) 255-2362 or to get started with the program or receive more information.