We have good news and bad news – which do you want to hear first? The bad news is that the cost of a gym membership is no longer an excuse for not exercising. Good news is we’re going to help you find free group exercise classes so you can still get your movement in for the day, without breaking a sweat over the cost! Getting into an exercise routine doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s all about knowing where to look and hopefully, we can give you a head start!

01 Let’s start by looking locally in our search for free fitness.

This means your local community center, community pool, library, or park. A quick call or google search is a great way to find free exercise classes. Birmingham friends, we were able to find a free strength and flexibility class as well as line dancing lessons at the Birmingham Public Library! We also love the free exercise classes offered during the week in Railroad Park! Click here for the schedule. The mayor’s office of your local city is another great resource to check out. The website might have information on city-sponsored events which would likely be free!

02 Next, get down to businesses fitness businesses, that is!

There are national fitness businesses such as Nike, Lululemon, North Face, Athleta, and REI that offer free fitness classes as part of seasonal promotions and other special events. These companies hope to get people in the store to buy their products, but that does not mean you cannot take advantage of their methods for your own benefit!

03 Many gyms and fitness organizations offer free membership trials.

Take advantage of all the free trials in town. Not only will it save you money, but when you finally decide to purchase a membership to a gym or fitness group, you will know which one is best suited for you!

04 There are national fitness initiatives that might be in your area.

For instance, the November project a group exercise project that has slowly been growing nationwide, and if there is not a chapter in your city you can be the one to get the ball rolling and start your own chapter. There may even be other smaller fitness projects specific to your city, or if you’re over 65, you can try Silver Sneakers.

05 If none of the above mentioned seems to be producing the right result for you, it’s time to go digital.

There are large banks of free exercise routines on the internet ranging from yoga, Zumba, body pump, CrossFit, and any other group exercise you can think of. Youtube is a good place to start for those and usually, the video will link your other resources. While the internet might not be as engaging as a live instructor, you can make it more sociable by inviting a friend to do the exercise with you.

Your Health Advisor can also help you find opportunities in your area, or recommend simple exercises you can do solo, and in the comfort of your home, like these chair exercises for arm and leg strength. Remember, every step counts!

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