As soon as the temperatures begin to drop, the idea of outdoor activities becomes less appealing to many of us. Bundling up enough to tolerate the cold can feel like a chore, but before you ditch the great outdoors altogether, we’ve got a few things to share about the benefits of fresh air with some exciting outdoor activities and protips to help you make the most of your cool outside adventures. We teamed up with our local Birmingham Red Mountain Park to check out what they have to offer this time of year. Not local to Birmingham? Don’t worry, most cities have similar parks and are willing to help you get plugged in. Getting outside, even when it’s a bit chilly, promotes positive physical and emotional well-being, which is especially helpful for anyone who may experience depression or Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (SAD).   Watch the video below to find out more about how you can enjoy the health benefits that parks have to offer, even in winter!



01 Biking

Parks often have paths that are just as great for biking as they are for walking. If you’ve got a bicycle and you’re up for a change of scenery, you’re in for a real treat. Some parks even have bikes (and all-terrain wheelchairs) you check out for a couple hours.

02 Hiking

Looking for a bit of a challenge? Try adding an incline and maybe some bumpy terrain to your walk outdoors. You’ll use different muscle groups than you’re used to, but don’t forget to pack a healthy snack and some water!

03 Walking

Don’t underestimate the power of a brisk 10-15 minute walk in the fresh air. Even if speed isn’t your strength, a little bit of movement still provides amazing health benefits — a clear head, loosened joints, fresh, cleansing air, and more!

04 Outdoor Workout

Instead of hitting the gym or turning your living room into a workout space, try bringing your outdoor workout to the park! Simply put on your exercise clothes, grab a towel or yoga mat and a bottle of water, and get going! (Don’t forget your Pack Health Stretch Band). Go for a 5-10 minute brisk walk to get warmed up, then click here for our 7 Park Bench Exercises video. 

05 Educational Activity or Sensory Trail

While you’re getting steps in, give your mind a workout too by checking out the virtual and educational features your local park offers. At Red Mountain Park there’s a sensory trail, an educational display that shares the history of the iron ore that occupied the land in the early 1800s, and a sensory trail that accommodates those with limited mobility, hearing, or seeing. For more information on the Butler Snow Sensory Trail at Red Mountain Park, click here.


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