Chair Exercises (Arms)

There are many health benefits to having an active routine. Feeling more energetic, lowering your blood pressure, and increasing strength in your joints and muscles are just a few. For many of us, it’s not easy to stay active on a regular basis. We may find that we face many barriers, especially for those of us with a chronic illness. However, we find that chair exercises are one way to work around this and still get some activity in for the day! Chair exercises are an easy way to promote activity in your life and can easily be done anywhere, from the comfort of your home or your desk at work. We put together some clips of some of our favorite moves that focus on arm strength and flexibility.

01 Shoulder Circles

02 Bicep Curls

03 Arm Raises

04 Back Arm Stretch

Try each of these moves a few times and see what you think! This is a great way to give chair exercises a try. If you like them and want more, check out our post on some more moves that focus on leg strengthening and flexibility. 


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