Valentine’s Day can be tricky for any couple. The commercials make it seem simple: chocolate and flowers, or perhaps a diamond pendant. But, what if you want to do something different to say you care? And how do you choose the perfect gift for someone with rheumatoid arthritis?

Gifts of Warmth

The weather in February may be great for cuddling up, but if you have arthritis, those cold temps are probably not your friend. Warmth soothes achy joints, something your loved one craves. Stylish fingerless gloves or cute fuzzy socks are sure to get a smile.

For a more luxurious gift of warmth, check out Zen’s soft, velvet-covered slippers or their neck and shoulder wrap, available through Soft Surroundings. Filled with natural grains, they can be warmed in the microwave and are scented with soothing spices like cinnamon, clove, and eucalyptus.

Helping Hands

Anyone with RA knows they could use help around the house but may be reluctant to ask for it. Maid service for a day, a personal chef to prepare a week’s worth of healthy dinners or even a kitchen gadget that is easier on the hands can be a nice way to say I care.

Gifts to Soothe the Body and Soul

Sometimes you just don’t want to think about your pain. Essential oils as aromatherapy can be a wonderful way to escape mentally. Pair them with a diffuser to scent the room or dilute them with oil and give your partner the massage they have always dreamed of.

Finally, remember that words of affirmation are what your partner probably needs the most. RA can take a toll on the self-image, as our bodies and medications can keep us from looking and feeling our best. Can”t find the right card to say how you feel? Think about writing a hand-written note. Find three things you love about that special someone and tell them! That one gift from the heart may be the best Valentine’s gift they ever receive.


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