We’ve been talking to Dr. Kendell Jno-Finn PT DPT of EW Motion Therapy a lot recently about ways to prevent or reduce chronic pain. He pointed out that for those of us who sit all day, our lack of motion and the constant compression of our upper back muscles may be contributing to chronic pain and discomfort.

He’s recommended a few simple things you can do at your desk to manage and prevent that pain. Can you fit this 5-minute fitness break into your day?

01 Overhead Stretch

With your back pressed against the back of your desk chair, simply stretch your arms above your head and reach for the sky. Stay here for 3 breaths then bring your arms back to your sides. Repeat as many times as needed.

02 Breathing Exercise

Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, and this time pull back with your whole upper body. Extend your back and engage your core to avoid hunching over.

03 Hip Hinge

Stand and touch your toes. Hold this pose then slowly roll back up. Repeat as needed.

Now let’s try it all together. Click here. 

Stay tuned for more stretch band circuits. Spoiler alert: We’ve got exercise routines that target your core, your lower body, and your arms! Watch them on YouTube here.

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