Finding the time to eat healthily is a tricky task, but it’s not impossible! We’ve worked with a lot of members on this, and different strategies work for different people.

Check out our top five tips:

01 Think ahead
We’re all about planning and prepping meals for the week ahead of time. Plastic containers or Tupperware can be super helpful here. You can buy these at the store, or go green and reuse plastic takeout containers and glass jars. The key to meal planning and prep is that you make enough food for more than one meal, and portion out your leftovers for later meals, to save time and money! Here’s a pro tip: If you want to have some variety throughout the week, prep a set of ingredients you can put together a few different ways. Check out our infographic on the build-a-bowl method to use as a guide.

02 Use a Crock Pot
Slow cooking can be a huge timesaver. Put a meal in the Crock Pot in the morning, and by dinnertime, you will have a healthy meal ready to go! PROTIP: Portion out your leftovers and freeze for later meals!

03 Opt for frozen veggies
Frozen vegetables save time and money. They require no prep their shelf life is much longer, and they’re just as nutritious as fresh vegetables.

04 Embrace one-pot wonders
Cut down on cleanup time with recipes that require fewer pots and pans. Stir-fries, casseroles, and sheet pan dinners are great options for this.

05 Explore time-saving services
Take it a step further and cut out cooking or meal prep altogether! If it’s an option for you, many online services will ship raw ingredients, recipe boxes or complete meals right to your door. Although the convenience can’t be beat, these services often require a subscription, so be sure you read the fine print.

Talk to your Health Advisor for help taking the next step in these tips. We can hook you up with a meal planning guide, crockpot recipes, our discount code for Nourish, and more personalized advice around the unique demands of your schedule. We’re here to help! (Not yet a member? Get connected here.)

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