According to Psychology Today, research indicates that the effects of chronic pain can be reduced, or prevented, by altering environmental factors and making lifestyle choices that improve the pain modulatory systems in the brain. But what does that really mean? In the simplest terms, it means making time for low-impact exercise and activities or experiences that give you a more positive outlook on life can help you find relief day-to-day.

Restorative yoga is one of the most common forms of exercise we recommend for pain management during cancer treatment. It’s still a relatively new subject for formal research, but early studies align with our members’ experiences. It’s a simple way to maintain energy and strength in the face of pain and fatigue. Yoga can also contribute to the feelings of emotional and mental centeredness, as well as aid in maintaining your strength and improving overall health!

Below are a few simple poses for you to try:

01 Cobra

a woman sitting on a table

02 Restorative Reclining Bound Angle Pose 

03 Padmasana

a woman sitting in a chair

04 Child’s Pose 

a little girl lying on a bed

05 Cow Face Arms 

a group of people standing next to a person

06 Viparita Karani (Legs Against the Wall Pose) 

07 Standing Side Stretch 

08 Forward Fold Variation 

09 Bridge Pose 

a person lying on a bed

10 Sukhasana Parivrtti (Seated Twist Pose)

a group of people sitting at a table

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