The world is a crazy place these days. On a normal day, free from social distancing and quarantines, hitting your activity goal can be a challenge. As COVID-19 disrupts our routines, prioritizing physical health doesn’t usually live at the top of most of our lists. However, if we turn our circumstances into opportunities, we can see that social distancing suggestions can actually free us from time-constraint issues!

Whether you’re at home with little ones or want to hit your fitness goals and stay on track through this, we have your back. Each week, we’ll be updating a list of at-home workouts to keep you feeling motivated and promote positive mental health as well! Click here to check out the workouts. But for now, let’s set the tone for an active at-home lifestyle.

All you’ll need are your sneakers, a yoga mat or towel, your water bottle, and in some circumstances, your Pack Health stretch band!

Here are some tips from Health Advisor Jennifer Dunn to make space for working out at home:

01 Set up a dedicated space to exercise at home.

It doesn’t need to be a large space (4 feet by 8 feet could be enough). If you can fit a yoga mat there, you can work out.

02 Set the equipment you have out so it’s easy to access.

You don’t need much. You could do a workout without any equipment at all. My must-haves are a mat, at least one stretch band, and at least 1 dumbbell.

03 Select a few different workouts that you would like to try, and have them easy to access.

I like to bookmark classes on my Peloton app. Many gyms are sending out instructor-led workouts to their members right now. Many free ones exist online and on YouTube. Pack Health has short workout plans and videos. Print out a plan on paper or have online resources “favorited” and ready to go.

04 Select a time that you will exercise.

If you think you’ll magically find the right time, you probably won’t. Set a time for yourself in advance.

05 Match your expectations with your motivation level.

If you’re not feeling it, that is OK (and normal). Give yourself something easy to do. Don’t hold yourself to a standard that you won’t meet. People have been successful with as little as two push-ups. If it’s your designated time to work out, and that’s all you feel like doing, then do it!

06 Make it fun.

Choose an activity you enjoy above all else. Most people enjoy music. If that’s you, then pump the tunes. If you just want to dance for 10 minutes, do it.

07 Keep it simple.

Try aerobic exercises that don’t require any equipment: walking, running, skipping, dancing, or jumping jacks. These strength-training exercises also don’t require any equipment: Planks, pushups, situps, squats, lunges, and yoga.

08 Make it high-tech.

Video game systems now offer games that are physically interactive and even geared toward fitness.

09 Have a fitness party.

Video chat with a friend and work out together.

10 Make it a family affair.

Work out with your family members or housemate.